The Royal Naval Medical Service

The Royal Navy has secured the nation and her citizens for over 500 years. Today, the Royal Navy continues to protect Britain, her people and her interests all over the world at sea, on land, in the air and in special operations.

The Doctors, Nurses and Medical Assistants of the Royal Navy Medical Service protect and support these operations with medical care, research and specialist advice.

This website allows you to subscribe to Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service and to browse the archive of back issues which extends from 1915 to the current day.

Journal of The Royal Naval Medical Service

The JRNMS is the medical branch’s institutional memory and the forum by which new discoveries, techniques and approaches are shared to ensure the service continues to develop, improve and excel.

Subscription to the JRNMS is essential for the funding of the Journal which receives no public money. A cost of only £20 per year entitles you to a postal copy of the three issues per year.

The current Journal includes original articles, review articles and articles of operational relevance. These articles will be made available in full text on the website 12 months after print publication. It also has a section entitled ‘Service News’, which is an update on promotions, honours and awards and key events in the Medical Service. This, along with other service specific sections, will only be available to subscribers in the print version of the Journal.

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Instruction for Authors and the JRNMS Editorial and Management Board

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