The Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service has now been published for over 100 years.   The site is currently being built but when complete the full archive will be available, from 1915 to present day, covering both world wars and the Falklands conflict.  Articles published since 2008 will be freely available, in full, in .pdf format.  Articles before 2008 have been scanned and will also be freely available, in full. For the time being an illustrative selection of articles are accessible.

Articles in 2018 Vol 104 - Issue 2

Editorial J E Smith79
The effectiveness of pre-impregnated permethrin in military clothing in the prevention of insect bites. D Biggs80
Continuation resuscitation training on deployed contingency operations. G Mitchell, J E Smith84
Too hot to handle: how quickly do surgical instruments cool sufficiently to use safely following sterilisation using the Medical Device Decontamination Capability (Forward)? D Roper, A McClean, C J Hand87
Hypokalaemic ECG changes secondary to intramuscular adrenaline after a snake bite in Sierra Leone. A Williams93
Back-pack palsy in Royal Marine recruits at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. R Webster, R Hales, R Hemingway.96
Femoral neck stress fractures from long distance running: a case series. G A J Robertson, C H C Arthur101
Non-compressible torso haemorrhage – the new holy grail for further improvement in trauma survival. E B G Barnard, J E Smith107
Managing suspicious skin lesions on deployed operations. T J Holland, S McIntosh, J J Smith115
The Compensatory Reserve Index – potential uses in a military context. H J Pynn, J E Smith120
Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome: diagnosis, investigation, management and return to training. R L Thomas, R Hemingway, A Keenan, A Wood124
You’re having me on a bite, Chief! J Campbell129
Helping St George: the Royal Naval Medical Service at Zeebrugge, 22-23 April 1918. JVS Wickenden, D Walsh131
How has military use of medical imaging in austere environments changed? A comparison between deployments of the Victorian era and today. A J Lee, I E Gibb, T Stevenson139
Letter to the Editor - Field recognition and management of freezing and non-freezing cold injuries. N C G Richards148
The BMA Armed Forces Conference Report 2018. C Lillington, K Heil, L Cottey149
Observation and learning in action – the Academic Department of Military Nursing Forum. E Ashworth150
Obituaries - Commander Humphrey Robin Hussey OBE Royal Navy  151
Service News.  152